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2 Minute Lessons Learned Videos

Capturing valuable knowledge based on "real world" experiences is central to improving  research and practice.  At the same time, it is rarely easy to find time for writing up the valuable lessons learned from projects.  The 2 Minute Lessons Learned Videos bridge this gap by providing an easily accessible (and searched) video library of lessons contributed by those who doing needs assessments, paired with a very simple tool for contributing your own lessons to the video library.  Let's not let the valuable lessons from our experience be forgotten, visit the site today to learn from others and contribute what you know.

Research In Review

Finding the time to read the diverse research in fields of HPT, HRD, HRM, OD, Management, Personnel, and other related disciplines the inform your decisions is a rare luxury. Translating those research findings into practical applications is nevertheless the foundation of successful improvements in human and organizational performance. For this reason we annually survey leading researchers and research journals in numerous disciplines to identify the top research articles that can guide your needs assessments and related performance improvement efforts. Summaries of the research studies are posted in the Related Research section, and we are now in the process of conducting podcast interviews with many of research authors to further explore how the research can be applied in organizations. Below is a list of currently available interviews.


Annette Towler, author of Effects of trainer expressiveness, seductive details, and trainee goal orientation on training outcomes, published in Human Resource Development Quarterly.

Frank Nguyen, author of The Effect of Performance Support and Training as Performance Interventions, published in Performance Improvement Quarterly.

We are also expanding on the Research Conversations by allowing researchers to post their own short videos describing their research and its applications.  You can see these at: Video Abstracts.

Conversation on Human Performance Technology (HPT)

With the help of John Wedman at the University of Missiouri, we have recorded more than twenty-five podcast interviews with professionals who work on needs assessments or related performance interventions. The interviews are free to download or link to. We have organized the podcasts around Wedman's Performance Pyramid and each interview can be a valuable source for information for those interesting in analyzing or improving performance. The interviews are aligned with contributing chapters in the The Handbook of Improving Performance in the Workplace - Volume 2: Selecting and Implementing Performance Interventions [see the Books section for more information].


Anne Marrelli on Data Collection [Listen]
Roger Kaufman on Achieving Results [Listen]
Miki Lane on Performance Aid [Listen]
Ryan Watkins and Doug Leigh on Performance Systems [Listen]
Patti Phillips on Return-on-Investment [Listen]
David Gliddon on Performance Management Systems [Listen]
Jessica Frumkin on Rewards and Incentives [Listen]
Gene Kutcher on 360 Feedback [Listen]
James Altschauld on Needs Assessment Processes [Listen]
Marvin Faure on Appreciative Inquiry [Listen]
Frank Nguyen Electronic Performance Support [Listen]
Hillary Leigh on Succession Planning and Management [Listen]
Judy Hale on Outsourcing [Listen]
Bea Griffith-Cooper and Karyl King on Change [Listen]
Michelle French on Job Crafting [Listen]
Christi Hegstad on Mentoring [Listen]
Ingrid Guerra-Lopez on Performance Measurement [Listen]
Scott Schaffer on Team Learning [Listen]
Steven Condly on Incentive Systems [Listen]
Jim Breaugh on Realistic Job Previews [Listen]
Tyrone Holmes on Diversity in the Workplace [Listen]
Marvin Weisbord and Sandra Janoff on the Future Search [Listen]
Dan White on Leadership Coaching [Listen]
Tony Marker on Organizational Culture [Listen]
Andrea Ellinger on Managerial Coaching [Listen]

Links to the interviews and the chapter abstracts are available at Conversations On HPT.
Additional resources are also available on the Performance Pyramid Website.

Other Interviews

Interview with Ryan Watkins on Performance Improvement (conducted by Guy Wallace)

Interview with Doug Leigh on Performance Improvement (conducted by Guy Wallace) Webinar with Doug Leigh

Interviews with Roger Kaufman

Video Interview Part 1:
Video Interview Part 2:
Interview as part of the ASTD "Voices" project: Roger Kaufman
Just for fun: A Kaufman Story

Video of Geary Rummler presenting on needs analysis (circa 1986):
Blast from the past - Skinner on Teaching Machines: Part 1, Part 2