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Strategic Planning for Success


Strategic Planning for Success: Aligning people, performance, and payoffs

Strategic Planning for Success offers readers a pragmatic guide to strategic planning and organizational alignment that will yield high-impact results and measurable contributions for you, your organization, your clients, and society. Unlike other books on the topic, this book goes beyond simply detailing the tools and techniques of developing and writing mission statements by clearly showing how to align what you do with what will be most valuable to all stakeholders. Using this unique approach will yield extraordinary results adding measurable value that flows from individual performance accomplishments to organizational and societal contributions.

"Dr. Kaufman and his team provide a handbook that helps all organizations answer, 'What value do we add?' 'How do we measure performance and results or critical success factors?' Strategic planning questions that are model of essential tools for leaders of change."

- Frances Hesselbein, Chairman, Board of Governors, The Drucker Foundation.

"Strategic Planning for Success is a thoroughly researched collection of concepts and principles that can add value to management planning and task execution at organizations large and small. I highly recommend it to managers who don't want to be left behind in today's era of dynamic change."

- Wess Roberts, author, Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun.

Reference Information: Kaufman, R., Oakley-Brown, H., Watkins, R., and Leigh, D. (2003). Strategic Planning for Success: Aligning people, performance, and payoffs. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.